Free Radio Programming Software

I got a deal for ya….

You got any or all of the following radios?

  • ICOM IC-2820H
  • ICOM ID-800H
  • ICOM ID-880H
  • ICOM IC-2200H
  • ICOM IC-91AD
  • ICOM IC-92AD
  • ICOM IC-V/U82
  • ICOM ID-RP2000V/RP4000V/RP2V/RP2D
  • Yaesu VX-7R
  • Yaesu VX-8R
  • Kenwood TH-D7A(g)
  • Kenwood TM-D700

Or maybe…

  • ICOM IC-2100H
  • Kenwood TM-V7A
  • Kenwood TM-V71A
  • Kenwood TH-F6A
  • Yaesu VX-6R
  • Yaesu FT-7800R
  • Yaesu FT-7900R

Would you like to have ONE program that can read and write files for ALL of these radios that is completely FREE*, or would you rather lay out $50 a pop for separate programs for each one?

OK then.  Go over to and get CHIRP.  It runs on Linux or Windows.

* FREE means free.  No $$$. BUT I know you are going to be riddled with guilt;  taking this software that is saving you major bank.  You are going to want to give something back, and you can.  The author is looking for folks to put CHIRP to the test on their radios and to report any problems to him on his web site.  Here is a direct link where you can pick a radio to “sponsor”, thereby freeing your conscience and allowing you to fully enjoy that free software.   Be sure to check the link at the bottom of the QA page to get some ideas on putting CHIRP through it’s paces.

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16 thoughts on “Free Radio Programming Software

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  2. Folks – the software is FREE. There is a link to download it. If your radio isn’t supported then your radio isn’t supported.


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